About Us

Strong Performance

Each raider should be seeking to push their performance higher each week in order to match the growing challenge that comes with each successive encounter and to encourage healthy competition between one another.



Above all else we put a strong focus on working as a team and view each member as an important individual in the group and not just numbers on a bar. Many raid mechanics call for multiple raid members to work together in sometimes unconventional ways. As such, having a strong team bond allows us to match those kinds of challenges regardless of who may be involved. Our goal is not simply to make Cutting Edge, but to do so together as a team.


The most prominent goal at the heart of each of our raids is to clear the current highest difficulty of content before the next tier is released. While doing this we seek to keep and maintain a healthy roster of raiders that can be rotated in and out of the core raid group as content demands in order to keep us flexible with new challenges that arise with each distinct encounter.

Camaraderie, Dedication, Progress.

With a firm belief in constant progression there comes an understanding of trade-offs as well. Investing time in maximizing AP growth and titanforge chances through methods such as dungeons, PVP, world questing, and even easier raid content is an important pursuit for each member that we strive to support each other in. There are a multitude of methods that guild members can band together in order to make these 'grinds' smoother and create a fun atmosphere to push through that next hurdle so that we can be best prepared for the next week's raid. Overall equality in loot is important to us as well so we use a Loot Council system rather than personal loot. This helps to ensure that each member can be offered a fair opportunity at a particular drop, as well as offering a method with which to ensure gear is distributed in such a way that is most beneficial to the guild as a whole in order to tackle our next content challenge. Each week a non-council raid member is selected at random to join the Loot Council in order to offer members full transparency in loot decisions and give individuals a voice in how loot is handled. There are no smoke and mirrors in our leadership and any member is encouraged to ask about any concern or question they have.