Progression in succession


What we value: 

Camaraderie, Equality and Progression!  

We believe hardcore progression comes with trade-offs. Trade-offs such as time invested in maximizing AP levels, a healthy competitive culture that may bolster the community spirit that we so value and in general create more fun.​We are quite simply result oriented. We ask that raiders do what it takes to ultimately perform reasonably and sufficiently to meet the requirements to down a boss.​Equality  

 We do understand that personal loot is not optimized for progression – however, as camaraderie is highly important to us, we prefer the Loot council to ensure there would be no disputes. We have seen many guilds break down due to a small loot issue. You’d be surprised, even with Loot Council, many people in our guild are willing to give up their loots to someone else despite having the priority – all you have to do is ask! 



        Our Goal         

To clear current content before the next tier is released. We believe that this goal is reasonable and allows us to maintain the camaraderie and yet provide us the thrill and accomplishment of clearing content.​  

Reasonable performance 

Simply perform reasonably to meet the encounter’s  requirements! Of course, if you can go further, by all means do so!  


People need to focus on teamwork and mechanics as opposed to trying to go for logs. Competitive logging is welcome on farm bosses, but on progression, we expect everyone to work together! 



Like a phoenix we rise from the ashes

Apocolyptic's core member experience dates back to before the days of The Burning Crusade. Guild leadership has heroic and mythic raiding experience. Including realm first kills and high level mythic + runs. We are a newly formed guild, of skilled players looking to form something great. So join us in the making of our history!